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10 Ways Use a Pint of Berries This Summer

Blueberries! Strawberries! Raspberries! Just give me ALL the berries!

The love for sweet, ripe, juicy berries and other fruits has always been strong in my family — my mom often says that the one thing she could be sure my brother and I would eat when we were kids was the fruit salad.

For me, the farmers’ market this time of year is like walking into a candy store. So many choices. So little time.

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Skillet Chicken with Cheesy Orzo and Zucchini

There is a true beauty to one-skillet dinners, and it’s not just the fact that there is only one pan to wash.

It’s just very satisfying to place a skillet right in the middle of the table and scoop out essentially your whole meal. It’s family style dining at its best. (Just be careful of the hot pan!)

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Zucchini Tomato Quiche

One thing we gardeners can count on in the peak of summer is a surplus of zucchini and tomatoes, right? That basil plant in the corner of the garden bed is pretty happy too.

If you are looking for ideas of what to make with the most summery of summer produce, check out this zucchini tomato quiche!

It’s simple enough as quiches go—shallots, shredded zucchini, an assortment of colorful cherry tomatoes, basil, and herbs with a custard base of eggs, milk, cream, sour cream, and Parmesan.

Tomatoes, basil, and zucchini play well together as a matter of principle, and they work beautifully in this quiche. Every bite is a taste of summer.

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Meal Plan for July Week 3

This month, Summer Miller is back, sharing her meal plans for July. Summer is a mom, a full-time food writer, and also helps test the fabulous recipes we bring you every week at Simply Recipes.

Summer has arrived launching cannonballs of heat and humidity. The air is thick and heavy like wet blankets. I can feel the weight of it on my skin and in my lungs.

I wade through the sticky and heat-stricken Midwestern masses by day, awaiting the cooler evenings that seem endless this time of year.

The fireflies are out in droves looking for love in the twilight skies and between blades of grass peppered with white clover. Every evening is an opportunity for dinner and a show. Meals by the window or on the porch suit me just fine in July even in the thick summer air.

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What’s in Season in July?

Hello Summer, hello July, and welcome to month 7 of our Monthly Produce Guides!

This is the season we wait all year for, the time of plenty. Our gardens, local famers markets, and supermarket produce sections are filled with glorious choices.

If July isn’t National Zucchini Month, it should be, right? If you garden, you might be regretting that decision to plant more than a couple zucchini plants, as each one produces enough zucchini to feed a family of four. No worries! We have you covered with dozens of recipes for zucchini and summer squash.

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Try This! 4 Great Add-Ins for Hummus

When you are pondering an appetizer for a party, you can never go wrong with hummus. It’s popular with kids and adults, it’s easy to make in quantities large or small, and it’s highly adaptable.

Earthy, savory, creamy, protein-packed: hummus is a great base for all kinds of add-ins.

Sure there are a bunch of pre-made flavor variations available at the store, but it’s so easy to make your own “house” version. Then you not only have a crowd-pleasing party appetizer (or snack), you also have bragging rights!

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da)

Vietnamese Iced Coffee is an intensely brewed coffee concentrate that drips down into a tall glass of ice and a big spoonful of sweetened condensed milk. To make Vietnamese Iced Coffee, start with medium grind French Roast coffee, brew in a Vietnamese coffee press with 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, and then pour over ice.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe

If you love coffee, and have only tried weak, watered down coffee served over ice, you’re in for a big awakening.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee is creamy, rich, smooth and sweet. Oh, and intense coffee flavor. It’s bold in flavor and makes a wonderful Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream as well.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe (Cafe Sua Da)

When I made this on TV years ago, I was grateful that I brought extra coffee, ice and sweetened condensed milk – the entire television crew and morning hosts/hostesses all wanted a gallon of Vietnamese Iced Coffee for now….and another one to save for their afternoon treat!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe (Cafe Sua Da)

What type of coffee for Vietnamese Iced Coffee

To make Vietnamese Iced Coffee, start with using the right grind of coffee. Look for MEDIUM coarse grind coffee. I’ve found French Roast is best, but you can use any type of coffee, as long as the coffee is medium coarse grind, you can use it. Fine grind coffee would fall right through the little holes of the coffee press.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe (Cafe Sua Da) ground coffee

Medium Grind Coffee – from

Many Vietnamese in America like using Café du Monde coffee from New Orleans. If you are interested in the history of why the Vietnamese use Café du Monde, head over to The Secret Ingredient to America’s Vietnamese Coffee. The yellow can is the most popular (I prefer this over the Café du Monde French Roast – but try both!)

Use Sweetened Condensed Milk

It’s the sweet, sticky, thick stuff – NOT evaporated milk! No substitutions here! Find this at any grocery store.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe (Cafe Sua Da) sweetened condensed milk

Get a Vietnamese Coffee Press

Found at any Asian market – they usually cost a few dollars, or online – Amazon sells them! I’ve purchased several from this seller on Amazon and they’ve been fantastic. Don’t pay more than $10 per press.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe (Cafe Sua Da) coffee press

I’ve also used this funny looking press called Aeropress to make Vietnamese coffee and espresso. I love this gadget and use it every morning to brew my coffee in the morning. It’s simple to use. Amazingly effective and highly rated. There’s even a cult following for Aeropress. Ok, so not authentic for Vietnamese coffee, but still great. It’s about $30.

How to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da)

Step 1: Add 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk to a glass

 Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da) - start with condensed milk


Step 2: Add 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to the base of the coffee press. Wet the grounds just a little bit with some hot water.


Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da) - add coffee

Step 3: Screw on the press tight. The coffee should be packed well.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da) - screw on the press

Step 4: Pour boiled hot water into the coffee press.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da) - add hot water

Cover with its little hat.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da) - cover

Step 5: Wait. It will drip veeerrrry….veeerrrry slowly. It takes 3-5 minutes to finish brewing.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da) - cover

The longer it takes, the stronger the coffee. Notice that there are only a few drops per second. For me, I can’t wait any longer than 5 minutes. If the coffee is dripping too fast, then use a small spoon or tip of knife to screw the press on tighter, 1 turn clockwise. Or if it’s dripping too slow, unscrew 1 turn counterclockwise.

While it’s dripping, go get some ice in a glass. You’ve got nothing else to do!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da) - drip

Step 6: Once it’s finished, stir well.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da) - stir

You can set your coffee maker on top of its overturned lid to prevent dripping onto your nice table.

Step 7: Pour over a tall glass filled with ice and enjoy!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da) - pour over ice

Thank you for your support!

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe Sua Da)

You’ll need a Vietnamese Coffee press or an Aeropress.

  • 2 tablespoons Medium-Grind French Roast Coffee
  • 2 tablespoons Sweetened condensed milk
  • ice
  1. 1. Boil water, remove from heat to cool just a bit while you measure out your coffee grounds.

  2. 2. Add sweetened condensed milk to a cup. Fill a separate, tall glass with ice. The more ice you use, the weaker the iced coffee.

  3. 3. Spoon in the coffee into the Vietnamese Coffee Maker. Wet the grounds with about a tablespoon of the hot water. Screw on the press, finger tight. Pour in the hot water and cover. The coffee will slowly drip into the cup. Use the tip of a spoon or butter knife to turn the press clockwise (for tighter press, if the coffee is dripping too fast) or counter-clockwise (too loosen if the coffee isn’t dripping at all.) It should take about 3-5 minutes to finish brewing. Adjust the press as needed.

  4. 4. Stir the hot coffee and the sweetened condensed milk well. Pour over the ice in the tall glass.

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Lentil Salad with Summer Vegetables

As the weather warms, I spend a lot of time outside. My garden is flanked by the trailing tendrils of cantaloupe and watermelon on one side, and a uniform row of ten rhubarb plants on the other. The raised beds in between burst with any number of vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, salad greens, and 200 sets of onions.

After weeks of tending, harvesting, and then cleaning the fruits of my labor, I’m ready to prepare them in the simplest of ways. I don’t want to worry about food; I want to enjoy a meal with the people I’m feeding.

Besides, more often than not, fresh produce needs little more than a vinaigrette and a good toss to turn it into something for the table.

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